Thursday, May 21, 2009

Katrina Halili Nude Photos - Fake Or Real?

Remember that year Katrina Halili was named FHM's sexiest? Suddenly, everyone noticed her. And just as suddenly, Katrina Halili nude photos, Katrina Halili bold pictures, and Katrina Halili sex videos became popular searches in Google.

Still, to give the actress credit, only the recent Katrina Halili - Hayden Kho sex video is real (and she is planning legal action against Kho because of that one). All the other Katrina Halili nude photos and sex videos are faked.

Okay, wait a minute there. Did I just say fake?

Damn right. I said fake. All those Katrina Halili bold pictures and Katrina Halili sex videos that erupted onto the scene before the Belo-Halili-Kho triangle were all faked. I'm not blowing empty steam, too. Let's take a look at these supposedly nude photos of Katrina Halili, shall we?

I don't know who started the story or made these photos. But it's obvious this person isn't too skilled with photoshop. Look at the shadows on the face. Look at the build. Have you ever seen Katrina Halili look that big? Look at the shoulders, too! Finally, go back to what is supposedly Katrina Halili's face. These Katrina Halili nude photos scream "fake!" from head to waist.

Anyone with photoshop experience can see these Katrina Halili nude photos for what they really are - fakes!

If that's Katrina Halili right there, I'll eat my socks!

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